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Sander Dekker ‘Let’s walk’

Sander Dekker brings us a fun new series out of Amsterdam starring Janna.

“Janna is someone who is growing closer to me at a rapid pace. She is a powerful woman who is proudly in touch with her sexuality. This feminist & activist fights for equality, which strongly reflects in the performances she shows in the Amsterdam nightlife. I met Janna at her house, after which we decided to take a walk through the woods.”
-Sander Dekker

“To be vulnerable, weird & sensual at the same time, in the out & open, has something special to it. In the society, we live in, as a female, you’re expected to be sensual in only one limited way. However, there is so much more to discover beyond this spectrum. It is a rare powerful feeling, that once you embrace it, you experience a kind of freedom that is outside of this world.”
– Janna



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