Felicity Davies

‘Leyton lover’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Felicity Davies / Model: Alice Stoner / Stylist: Georgia Boal-Russell / Hair: Beth Kucic / Make-up Artist: Evie Eden
Leyton lover: 1/8
Leyton lover: 2/8
Leyton lover: 3/8
Leyton lover: 4/8
Leyton lover: 5/8
Leyton lover: 6/8
Leyton lover: 7/8
Leyton lover: 8/8

Felicity Davies ‘Leyton lover’

It’s a pleasure to introduce you to a new contributor in East London photographer Felicity Davies with her debut series starring Alice Stoner.

“Head to toe red & young Julia Roberts vibes with beauty Alice Stoner in Leyton, E10.”



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