Liberosis: 1/14 Liberosis: 1/14
Liberosis: 2/14 Liberosis: 2/14
Liberosis: 3/14 Liberosis: 3/14
Liberosis: 4/14 Liberosis: 4/14
Liberosis: 5/14 Liberosis: 5/14
Liberosis: 6/14 Liberosis: 6/14
Liberosis: 7/14 Liberosis: 7/14
Liberosis: 8/14 Liberosis: 8/14
Liberosis: 9/14 Liberosis: 9/14
Liberosis: 10/14 Liberosis: 10/14
Liberosis: 11/14 Liberosis: 11/14
Liberosis: 12/14 Liberosis: 12/14
Liberosis: 13/14 Liberosis: 13/14
Liberosis: 14/14 Liberosis: 14/14

Monhand Mathurin ‘Liberosis’

Liberosis – The desire to care less about things. I can relate!

Like right now, as I’m working on this website. Sometimes I wish I cared less about it. But then a shoot like this comes through & I remember why I care so much. I fucking love it. All of it. (Except bookkeeping). Shouts out to all the amazing poeple that have & will share your work with us.

Here is something special from Monhand Mathurin starring Shirley Torres.

“Shooting with Shirley Torres was pretty awesome. She was really comfortable, natural & out going. Like most of my sessions, I only would look for a location, tell the model to just be them self & everything else is a swing. There was no intention on getting her dirty, but since shooting around tires is nearly impossible to stay clean, I just told her “Who Cares, Let’s just roll with it.”



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