Alex Q

‘Lily & the Cat (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Alex Q / Model: Lily Hoff
Lily & the Cat (NSFW): 1/7
Lily & the Cat (NSFW): 2/7
Lily & the Cat (NSFW): 3/7
Lily & the Cat (NSFW): 4/7
Lily & the Cat (NSFW): 5/7
Lily & the Cat (NSFW): 6/7
Lily & the Cat (NSFW): 7/7

Alex Q ‘Lily & the Cat (NSFW)’

Attempting a few unconventional ways to fight the first signs of the cold weather approaching outside, London photographer Alex Q & her muse, Lily Hoff make an awesome debut series for us.

“During the shoot, we were both driven by our feelings & creativity. We did not have a brief, therefore we simply allowed our creativity to play its role leading us shot after shot. My cat, Trudy was intrigued observing, until she decided she wanted to join us for some pictures.”



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