Limbo: 1/36 Limbo: 1/36
Limbo: 2/36 Limbo: 2/36
Limbo: 3/36 Limbo: 3/36
Limbo: 4/36 Limbo: 4/36
Limbo: 5/36 Limbo: 5/36
Limbo: 6/36 Limbo: 6/36
Limbo: 7/36 Limbo: 7/36
Limbo: 8/36 Limbo: 8/36
Limbo: 9/36 Limbo: 9/36
Limbo: 10/36 Limbo: 10/36
Limbo: 11/36 Limbo: 11/36
Limbo: 12/36 Limbo: 12/36
Limbo: 13/36 Limbo: 13/36
Limbo: 14/36 Limbo: 14/36
Limbo: 15/36 Limbo: 15/36
Limbo: 16/36 Limbo: 16/36
Limbo: 17/36 Limbo: 17/36
Limbo: 18/36 Limbo: 18/36
Limbo: 19/36 Limbo: 19/36
Limbo: 20/36 Limbo: 20/36
Limbo: 21/36 Limbo: 21/36
Limbo: 22/36 Limbo: 22/36
Limbo: 23/36 Limbo: 23/36
Limbo: 24/36 Limbo: 24/36
Limbo: 25/36 Limbo: 25/36
Limbo: 26/36 Limbo: 26/36
Limbo: 27/36 Limbo: 27/36
Limbo: 28/36 Limbo: 28/36
Limbo: 29/36 Limbo: 29/36
Limbo: 30/36 Limbo: 30/36
Limbo: 31/36 Limbo: 31/36
Limbo: 32/36 Limbo: 32/36
Limbo: 33/36 Limbo: 33/36
Limbo: 34/36 Limbo: 34/36
Limbo: 35/36 Limbo: 35/36
Limbo: 36/36 Limbo: 36/36

LIMBO from marina mónaco on Vimeo.

Marina Monaco ‘Limbo’

Buenos Aires (Argentina) photographer & director Marina Mónaco brings us a very personal “almost therapeutic, project: it transits the complexity of forgetting an old young love.” This is ‘Limbo’.

“The aesthetics & theme of this film establish a direct dialogue with my photographic work. I wanted to use an emotional & abstract point of view, where my creativity had no limits. The film was a great challenge to me since it’s my debut as a director, working with a cinema camera & a big team. The filming lasted only 2 days & there were 14 of us, all aged between 18 & 22, who carried out the project.

From my still young perspective, I seek an authentic & close approach to the topic of teenage memories through this composition.
This is how I decided to tell a story based on my own experience, that has gone through me & that I didn’t have to make up from scratch: I found some notes about how painful it was for me to let go of an old young love and that’s what inspired me to write.

Limbo is an intangible space where forgotten, distorted memories remain, where our imagination plays & we collide with our own darkness, our dreams & happy moments. It’s an invisible space inside ourselves, a place where we try to keep others alive.

In the film, I wanted to recreate some memories & experiences of mine from my teenage days – the goal was to mirror the different stages I went through at that age.”

Written, Directed & Produced by Marina Mónaco
Starring: Joaquín Ibarra & Sofia Toledo
Director of Photography & Camera: Lucio Castelnuovo
Editor: Eric Fernández
Color grade: Santiago Cantillo – Maravilla Color
Art Director: Lucas Bennett & Isa Gomez Tendler
Stylist: Facundo Bettencourt
Make up & hair: Inés Pizarro
First Assistant Director: Maria Burgos Oviedo
1st Camera Assistant: Pampa Aramburú
Gaffer: Kato Aramburú
Best boy: Felipe Calandrelli
Electrician: Tadeo Gabelloni
Producers: Kevin Bohdanowicz & Julieta Roth
Data manager Agustín Lanus
Still Photography: Marina Mónaco & Chiara Sofia Yanni
Voice over: Josefina Amon
Graphic design & titles Sofia Mastrogiacomo
Model Agency: Civiles
Songs: “Incompletness” by Max Cooper & “a1” Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm



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