Claire Luxton

‘Liquid love’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Claire Luxton / Model: Tiffany Smith
Liquid love: 1/9
Liquid love: 2/9
Liquid love: 3/9
Liquid love: 4/9
Liquid love: 5/9
Liquid love: 6/9
Liquid love: 7/9
Liquid love: 8/9
Liquid love: 9/9

Claire Luxton ‘Liquid love’

London fine artist/photographer, Claire Luxton presents her stunning debut series, ‘Liquid love’.

“My photography is generally centred on the exploration of ‘self’, the female form or my body, always taking a role within my practice. I’m constantly driving to explore my own physicality through expression, transition, transformation & materiality. This in turn directly communicates with the rest of my practice, one informing the other, drawing form, from the nuances’ of aesthetic, energy & atmosphere. My newest work with model, Tiffany Smith, gave me the opportunity to have a new perspective of the female form other than my own”



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