Sole Hernandez

‘Little missy’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Sole Hernandez / Model: Dani Harasz / Model Management: Civiles / Stylist: Ivan Ramirez / Assistant: JGY Styling / HMUA: Carla Luprestti
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Sole Hernandez ‘Little missy’

Argentina photographer Sole Hernandez brings us a stunning playful debut fashion story.

“It was a hot summer day in Buenos Aires & Dani basically fainted before we could even begin. We thought the shoot was cancelled, but after a glass of Coca-Cola & a little bit of salt, she recovered & did an amazing job! ‘Little missy’ was created from the inspiration of galactic girls dressing up & trying to mimic someone they don’t really understand. Playful & childish, but not at all conscious. We created this editorial trying to reveal an atmosphere of a girl trying to know herself. Little missy is a journey of self-discovery.”

Wardrobe; Biorder, Zara, Adrian Brown, Josefina Gomez Yiche, Charper, vintage House AR, Nomade, Adrian, Rumors, Hxmbrx.

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