Christoph Night

‘Live. Art. Die’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Christoph Night / Model: Yver Northum / Model: Rene Ferry / Hair: Scotty Tree / Wardrobe: Ian Patrick Marshall
Live. Art. Die: 1/17
Live. Art. Die: 2/17
Live. Art. Die: 3/17
Live. Art. Die: 4/17
Live. Art. Die: 5/17
Live. Art. Die: 6/17
Live. Art. Die: 7/17
Live. Art. Die: 8/17
Live. Art. Die: 9/17
Live. Art. Die: 10/17
Live. Art. Die: 11/17
Live. Art. Die: 12/17
Live. Art. Die: 13/17
Live. Art. Die: 14/17
Live. Art. Die: 15/17
Live. Art. Die: 16/17
Live. Art. Die: 17/17

Christoph Night ‘Live. Art. Die’

Following some internet creeping, LA photographer Christoph Night met with his latest muse, Rene Ferry for his awesome debut feature.

“We connected immediately. She shows up early to my studio. I asked my boy Ian if he could hook me up with some cool pieces & my other homie Scott if he could do hair. Scott was just hanging out doing a stick & poke on my other homie Chuli. It was perfect because he managed to leave all his hair equipment in the studio the day before.

We all just went to work. Put styles together, jumped ideas, I mean it was magic & effortless. In between my shoot, Burt walks in shirtless. It was a hot day but he looked liked a glistening God & the sunset wrapped behind him through my large windows. We starred as Burt walks in smoother than Mick Jagger; looks at me, he nods, I nod at him & Star. We all connect like thunder zapping a sensitive spot. I say “Burt you sexy motherfucker, let me grab a picture of you & Star.” We were just about done with the last look. We wrapped the shoot, had some awesome vegan food & called it a day.”



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