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Marius Geugelin ‘Liz’

‘Liz’ is our first feature by young German fashion & fine arts photographer, Marius Geugelin & I’m sure you can understand why I became an instant fan. Marius told me that discovering his love for photography was possibly the one most unnerving, confusing & fulfilling experience of his life (at least as of now)…

“It is not seldom one hears of people speaking about somebody finding their calling but I’ve never anticipated something akin to this happening to me, let alone the force this would engulf & transform my life with.

Liz & I have been dancing around the Idea of shooting a very feminine & soft-toned & contrasted series for a while now, however we weren’t sure of the “where”. This resolved itself when my flat mates & I moved into a new flat with gorgeously soft light. I called her over & just let the Images take us where they took us.”



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