Lo-Lee-Ta: 1/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 1/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 2/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 2/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 3/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 3/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 4/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 4/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 5/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 5/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 6/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 6/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 7/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 7/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 8/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 8/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 9/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 9/10
Lo-Lee-Ta: 10/10 Lo-Lee-Ta: 10/10

Cherokee Neas ‘Lo-Lee-Ta’

‘Lo-Lee-Ta’ stars Playboy’s New Miss August, Dominique Sharpe, described by photographer Cherokee Neas as a perfect tennis-playing, troublemaking nymphet. Cherokee also styled the shoot using her own label ‘Devil Slang’ & finished The pink lingerie set the night before shooting. Sounds a lot like the lead up to every shoot I work on too.



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