Diamante Walker

‘Locker room’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Diamante Walker / Model: Gal Cabrera
Locker room: 1/9
Locker room: 2/9
Locker room: 3/9
Locker room: 4/9
Locker room: 5/9
Locker room: 6/9
Locker room: 7/9
Locker room: 8/9
Locker room: 9/9

Diamante Walker ‘Locker room’

Buenos Aires photographer, Diamante Walker stumbled across a creepy locker room in an old club & then saw Gal on Facebook & knew together they would be the perfect combination. “She has that big mouth, long legs, distinctive characteristics, & also a sense of humour I loved.”

The 26 year old photographer shoots on film only & develops it all herself in order to stay connected to the whole process. ‘Locker room’ debut feature & I am already excited to see what she does next!



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