Shaun James Grant

‘London blues’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Shaun James Grant / Model: Fenn Grace O'Meally
London blues: 1/7
London blues: 2/7
London blues: 3/7
London blues: 4/7
London blues: 5/7
London blues: 6/7
London blues: 7/7

Shaun James Grant ‘London blues’

I discovered the work of Shaun James Grant when he posted one of these photos on instagram with #postmypicsticks. Shaun is a photographer based in London who has a big love for Ginger Beer & Chicken, & for taking awesome film photos of beautiful people, like Fenn.

“I have known Fenn for while now, & recently we’ve shot a lot together. Unlike previous shoots this one consisted of little planning. We’d become so used to sharing one another’s space, that this just unfolded naturally at her place in East London. When I arrived I soon realised Fenn was having one of those days where you’re just not in the best of places. Where London really gets on top of you & you question what you’re doing a little. I really wanted her to channel this emotion into the day & not think too much about being happy for the camera. I think this is some of the most emotionally real stuff I’ve shot in a long time.”



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