James Zamora

‘Long story short’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: James Zamora / Model: Angela / Stylist: Margot Portuondo
Long story short: 1/6
Long story short: 2/6
Long story short: 3/6
Long story short: 4/6
Long story short: 5/6
Long story short: 6/6

James Zamora ‘Long story short’

Miami pre-med student/photographer, James Zamora started out with photoshoots starring his puppy. These days he take pictures of beautiful women, “as there is no greater muse”. Today it is a pleasure to introduce a new contributor & share his debut feature starring, Angela.

“Long story short, I found this thrifted Camel jacket in the back of my closet, met Angela over some margaritas, & decided I couldn’t not shoot her with the jacket. She agrees to shoot the same day, we stop by her house, my gf/stylist puts the outfit together from what Angela had lying around, & we come back to shoot behind my apartment complex.”



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