Lord Ibra: 1/4 Lord Ibra: 1/4
Lord Ibra: 2/4 Lord Ibra: 2/4
Lord Ibra: 3/4 Lord Ibra: 3/4
Lord Ibra: 4/4 Lord Ibra: 4/4

Maria Fernanda Espitia ‘Lord Ibra’

After passing Ibra on the street one day, Buenos Aires photographer, Maria Fernanda Espitia knew she had to shoot him.

“All you could see from a distance was his energy & positive vibes. This series is the result of Ibra letting us into his life for a brief visit. Besides being a model, Ibra is a promoter for different parties & events around the city. He absolutely loves Jamaican music & through this series we hope his awsome personality shines.”



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