Alexa King

‘Lost highway (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Alexa King / Model: Hannah joffray
Lost highway (NSFW): 1/7
Lost highway (NSFW): 2/7
Lost highway (NSFW): 3/7
Lost highway (NSFW): 4/7
Lost highway (NSFW): 5/7
Lost highway (NSFW): 6/7
Lost highway (NSFW): 7/7

Alexa King ‘Lost highway (NSFW)’

What an incredible finale to a shoot 🙂 Yesterday I discovered the work of Alexa King & now I am sitting on 2 more of her amazing shoots & can’t wait to show ya’ll… but for now here is ‘lost Highway entry 1’ featuring the very beautiful Hannah Joffray.



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