Bella Mae

‘Lost in Dimension’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Bella Mae / Model: Wheeler Maurer / Model: Helena Tambour / Stylist: Bella Mae / Make-up Artist: Amelia McGrath
Lost in Dimension: 1/6
Lost in Dimension: 2/6
Lost in Dimension: 3/6
Lost in Dimension: 4/6
Lost in Dimension: 5/6
Lost in Dimension: 6/6

Bella Mae ‘Lost in Dimension’

Inspired by her love for European style, having been born in England & dearly missing it, here is ‘Lost in Dimension’ from a Melbourne based team headed by photographer & stylist, Bella Mae.

“I was born in a place called Bath & this shoot brings back memories of walking down the paved streets, touching those spikey daggered fence railings as a kid. Other than the cheesy part, the overall vibe is a soothed content demeanour. It was a delightful spring-like day that magically assisted with this.”



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