Hayley Sikorski

‘Lousy with virginity’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Hayley Sikorski / Model: Kelsey Hooten / Stylist: Hayley Sikorski / HMUA: Kelsey Hooten
Lousy with virginity: 1/6
Lousy with virginity: 2/6
Lousy with virginity: 3/6
Lousy with virginity: 4/6
Lousy with virginity: 5/6
Lousy with virginity: 6/6

Hayley Sikorski ‘Lousy with virginity’

Michigan photographer/stylist Hayley Sikorski is heavily inspired by cinema & retro styling, using her photography to tell stories of youth, girl culture & the iconic themes set up in the movies that so strongly affected her artistic voice & style. Today Hayley brings us her debut series, an excerpt from a larger body of work titled ‘Waste of Yearbook Space’, created for her BFA Thesis. This is ‘Lousy with virginity’ starring Kelsey Hooten.

“This body of work explores the archetypes that women characters often fall under in the teen movie genre, & how these stereotypical characters set up unrealistic ideals of adolescence for their audience of young women. Lousy With Virginity challenges the teen movie trope of “The Virgin” type character, who is often portrayed as innocent, pure, & perfectly coiffed. Here, we see a character who looks familiar, almost like every other virgin we’ve seen in every other teen movie… or does she?”



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