Camille Richez

‘Love is blind’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Camille Richez / Model: Marion Seclin / Model: Pierre Baudrier / Stylist: Anais Gillot / HMUA: Eden Tonda
Love is blind: 1/9
Love is blind: 2/9
Love is blind: 3/9
Love is blind: 4/9
Love is blind: 5/9
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Love is blind: 7/9
Love is blind: 8/9
Love is blind: 9/9

Camille Richez ‘Love is blind’

Camille Richez brings us a love story made in Paris.

“We wanted to create a love story separated from gender, showing that whatever we wear, whatever we may be called, what matters is what’s inside, deep inside. Our the story has an interchanging gender project where a girl & a boy start as some undying clichés & progressively their genders melt away. We see that clothes are interchanging, makeup is an accessory & the body itself can be man & woman at the same time.”



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