Alie Layus

‘Love nest’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Alie Layus / Model: Zeda Navarro / Model: Anthony Antonov
Love nest: 1/11
Love nest: 2/11
Love nest: 3/11
Love nest: 4/11
Love nest: 5/11
Love nest: 6/11
Love nest: 7/11
Love nest: 8/11
Love nest: 9/11
Love nest: 10/11
Love nest: 11/11

Alie Layus ‘Love nest’

Adorable couple, check. lingerie, check. Kitty, check. Film, check. This gorgeous new film series by Alie Layus is made up of all the things I love. Here is what she told us about her shoot day with loved up Hollywood based couple, Zedda & Anthony…

“Zedda & Anthony are these cute little lovers I met recently & I wanted to shoot some stuff of them together. This shoot happened on a lazy Sunday afternoon, just hanging out, smoking joints & playing with lingerie & film in their rad old Hollywood apartment”.



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