Lovelace: 1/9 Lovelace: 1/9
Lovelace: 2/9 Lovelace: 2/9
Lovelace: 3/9 Lovelace: 3/9
Lovelace: 4/9 Lovelace: 4/9
Lovelace: 5/9 Lovelace: 5/9
Lovelace: 6/9 Lovelace: 6/9
Lovelace: 7/9 Lovelace: 7/9
Lovelace: 8/9 Lovelace: 8/9
Lovelace: 9/9 Lovelace: 9/9

Delaney Teichler ‘Lovelace’

Feature film/commercial cinematographer based in Los Angeles, Delaney Teichler began creating photo shoots in between his work on film sets as a means of creative expression. Shooting on film, using different formats & filtration, Delaney is able to give each shoot a unique look. Influenced by cinema & photography from past generations, his work combines glamour photography with experimental elements. Its a pleasure to feature his debut series starring the beautiful, Ana Corbi.



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