L$D: 1/12 L$D: 1/12
L$D: 2/12 L$D: 2/12
L$D: 3/12 L$D: 3/12
L$D: 4/12 L$D: 4/12
L$D: 5/12 L$D: 5/12
L$D: 6/12 L$D: 6/12
L$D: 7/12 L$D: 7/12
L$D: 8/12 L$D: 8/12
L$D: 9/12 L$D: 9/12
L$D: 10/12 L$D: 10/12
L$D: 11/12 L$D: 11/12
L$D: 12/12 L$D: 12/12

Andrew Gillespie ‘L$D’

‘L$D’ feels like a great way to start the weekend. This is our first feature by Melbourne photographer Andrew Gillespie, & stars self-styled beauty Ellie Nik.

“This shoot was actually a little bit rushed as we started pretty late in the afternoon & were running out of light. But once the sun had set the whole vibe of the shoot changed. Ellie’s styling coupled with her “give no fucks” attitude really came through after dark to compliment our original mood board & create some really great images”.

Get ready for a weekend full of amazing content!!!



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