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Emily Tse ‘Lunar’

Hong Kong creative, Emily Tse presents her debut series ‘Lunar.’

“She is a species from the Sea with a blue sparkling face. She just arrived on land and Lunar gives her power to transform. Throughout the night, she slowly became a beautiful human female and walked out from the cave in the morning.

We were only a team of 4 that day, myself , model , mua and my brother who has ever joined a shoot before. The location is a hiking spot called Cape D’Aguilar. There were so many tourists that day and there are queues for all the popular angles. We have so many audiences before sunset. After sunset, we still had many companies, which are mosquitos. We shot until model skin was completely covered by mosquito bites and left with an hour hike.”

Wardrobe; The Chance Official, Somewhere Nowhere, Maria Nava, Zara.



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