Grant Tyrrell

‘Mad Minds’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Grant Tyrrell / Model: Jonas Nutter
Mad Minds: 1/11
Mad Minds: 2/11
Mad Minds: 3/11
Mad Minds: 4/11
Mad Minds: 5/11
Mad Minds: 6/11
Mad Minds: 7/11
Mad Minds: 8/11
Mad Minds: 9/11
Mad Minds: 10/11
Mad Minds: 11/11

Grant Tyrrell ‘Mad Minds’

At the crossroads of surf, street & counter-culture comes Grant Tyrrell. Producing thought provoking work with a deep-rooted respect, if not a love to the anti-establishment from which he was forged. ‘Mad Minds’ is his debut feature & a portrait story of youth revolt. A shoot based on the abandonment of a perfect photo.”

Wardrobe; Inminds Eye, Thrills Co, Sabre Eyewear, Misfits.



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