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Grace Pickering ‘Made in LA’

In search of cute new girls to hang out with & shoot in LA, Grace Pickering found exactly what she was looking for in budding actress & LA native, Kaitlin Magowan. They recently met at Kaitlin’s home, a cute bungalow she shares with her boyfriend & bonded over their love of all things country & cowgirl & old school LA establishments. Here is what Grace told us about their day together…

“The photos were captured in her backyard between her home & art studio & outside Fosters freeze, a uniquely Californian ice cream shack popular in the 1950’s & luckily for us a few of them are still standing today. I wanted to really capture her badass nature, no make up & dirty hair blinking bleary eyed into the sun posed strong defiant in these weird & wonderful settings. The golden natural sunlight tied the images together for me, creating the badass girl next door.”



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