David Lekach

‘Madonna Inn (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: David Lekach / Model: Daisy Jean
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 1/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 2/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 3/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 4/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 5/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 6/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 7/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 8/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 9/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 10/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 11/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 12/13
Madonna Inn (NSFW): 13/13

David Lekach ‘Madonna Inn (NSFW)’

North of Los Angeles in the historic Californian town of San Luis Obispo lies the fantastical hotel known as the ‘Madonna Inn’. This collection of photos takes you along the dreamy getaway with photographer David Lekach & muse Daisy Jean. What’s a vacation without your camera, platform go-go boots, a cowboy hat and some whiskey? Enjoy these intimate moments that visually capture the genuine creative chemistry between the two lovebirds.



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