Brooke Olimpieri

‘Magic bus’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Brooke Olimpieri / Model: Jenna Simoncelli / Stylist: Brooke Olimpieri / Wardrobe: Top Knot Goods / Wardrobe: Afrodisiac / Wardrobe: Solstice
Magic bus: 1/13
Magic bus: 2/13
Magic bus: 3/13
Magic bus: 4/13
Magic bus: 5/13
Magic bus: 6/13
Magic bus: 7/13
Magic bus: 8/13
Magic bus: 9/13
Magic bus: 10/13
Magic bus: 11/13
Magic bus: 12/13
Magic bus: 13/13

Brooke Olimpieri ‘Magic bus’

Brooke Olimpieri never disappoints! Today she brings us her latest effortlessly cool collaboration with Jenna Simoncelli.

“Jenna is my muse, we shoot very regularly, I’m obsessed with her. She’s my little Kate Moss. She’s the real deal, & can become any character I suggest. This time we borrowed my friend’s van, threw a bunch of 90’s vibes into it & blasted ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’. It was 98 degrees in Vegas that day, so let’s say it was hot & steamy, not just because Jenna is such a babe.”

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