Erica Davidge

‘Make Me Blush’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Erica Davidge / Model: Sophia LeBeaumont
Make Me Blush: 1/8
Make Me Blush: 2/8
Make Me Blush: 3/8
Make Me Blush: 4/8
Make Me Blush: 5/8
Make Me Blush: 6/8
Make Me Blush: 7/8
Make Me Blush: 8/8

Erica Davidge ‘Make Me Blush’

Shot, styled & made up by the super talented, Erica Davidge, here is Sophia LeBeaumont in ‘Make Me Blush’.

“This was my first time working with lovely Sophia. She drove all the way down from Wyoming to meet me at this research center in Boulder, Colorado. Looking at this place from the parking lot you would be pretty skeptical about my location choice. So as I “the photographer” was smearing various pink eyeshadows on her eye lids I kept telling her to just trust me. Once she saw the result of the pink mess I had created in the mirror, she looked me straight in the eye & said… I think this will be a very fun shoot!”



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