Nicole Pagan

‘Man’s world’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Nicole Pagan / Model: Kathia Lynne
Man’s world: 1/7
Man’s world: 2/7
Man’s world: 3/7
Man’s world: 4/7
Man’s world: 5/7
Man’s world: 6/7
Man’s world: 7/7

Nicole Pagan ‘Man’s world’

Recently our girl,  Nicole Pagan met with Puerto Rico singer, Kathia Lynne for this awesome series.

It was a man’s world.
In this island.
Looking for everything everyone said a girl couldn’t do.
We were the first girls to run away & we did it the only way we knew how.
Heavens help me I said to my self.
We have the spark that takes to tear this world apart.

-Nicole Pagan



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