Marcos Paim

‘Next level’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

18 photographs.
Photographer: Marcos Paim / CinematographerMarcos Paim / Creative director: Marcos Paim / Model: Marcela Jaques / Wardrobe: Minga London / Make-up Artist: Tyz Matos
Next level: 1/18
Next level: 2/18
Next level: 3/18
Next level: 4/18
Next level: 5/18
Next level: 6/18
Next level: 7/18
Next level: 8/18
Next level: 9/18
Next level: 10/18
Next level: 11/18
Next level: 12/18
Next level: 13/18
Next level: 14/18
Next level: 15/18
Next level: 16/18
Next level: 17/18
Next level: 18/18

NEXT LEVEL FASHION VIDEO from Marcos Paim on Vimeo.

Marcos Paim ‘Next level’

Eating disorders, feminism, the “anti – racism” & sexual equality are topics that we are enlightened about daily, thanks to the surge of social media & the creatives that use it for good & not evil.

Marcos Paim does his part with this striking fashion editorial for Minga London entitled ‘Next level’.

“NEXT LEVEL represents an advanced level of the ethic structure in our world. It’s symbolic of a future that developed consciousness of youth. Let’s continue this fight against ignorance!”



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