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Saint YVY ‘Marije’

On a “way too hot summer midday” in his flat in Brera, Milan, Saint Yvy prepares to welcome his gorgeous guest, Marije.

“Only the cool conditioned air is saving my day while half of the city is on vacation already, & oh yes… I have a test shoot in a while with a new face from Next. I’d prefer to be on hollies as well honestly… My phone rings. “Hi, it’s Marije for the shoot. I’m downstairs.” I let her get in, open the door, & here she is.

Marije looks such a fragile & delicate being outside & yet so strong inside. Like a zen strength of a person who made a deep self interior journey, getting out more conscious & serene. I find that so fascinating & a sort of empathy is born already. We start shooting while still talking, just her & me without any makeup or styling. Everything flows so smooth & naturally that 3 hours pass in a few seconds.”



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