Dennis Tejero

‘Material girls’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
8 photographs.
Photographer: Dennis Tejero / Model: Margarita Vishnyakova / Model Management: Silent Models / Model: Paula Magyar / Model Management: One Management NYC / Model: Danique Blaauwendraad
Material girls: 1/8
Material girls: 2/8
Material girls: 3/8
Material girls: 4/8
Material girls: 5/8
Material girls: 6/8
Material girls: 7/8
Material girls: 8/8

Dennis Tejero ‘Material girls’

NYC photographer, Dennis Tejero brings us his stunning debut series. This is ‘Material girls’.

“Growing up, it was all about the 80’s for me. Road trips with my parents meant a long marathon of song hits from the era. My dad was a new wave guy & my mom was a Madonna fanatic. Hell, my dad even had Mel Gibson’s haircut from the first Lethal Weapon…a very lethal mullet, indeed. This shoot is dedicated to my very rad parents.

The shoot day itself was such a blast. No one really does a shoot like this. Most vintage-inspired shoots these days are inspired by the 70’s and 90’s so everyone was stoked to do something different. The girls loved their hair & we were blasting Madonna all afternoon to get everyone going. We definitely got some looks walking down New York City with those outfits. All girls were about 5’10 & above so I guess they were bound to stick out like a sore thumb!”



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