Mathilda: 1/12 Mathilda: 1/12
Mathilda: 2/12 Mathilda: 2/12
Mathilda: 3/12 Mathilda: 3/12
Mathilda: 4/12 Mathilda: 4/12
Mathilda: 5/12 Mathilda: 5/12
Mathilda: 6/12 Mathilda: 6/12
Mathilda: 7/12 Mathilda: 7/12
Mathilda: 8/12 Mathilda: 8/12
Mathilda: 9/12 Mathilda: 9/12
Mathilda: 10/12 Mathilda: 10/12
Mathilda: 11/12 Mathilda: 11/12
Mathilda: 12/12 Mathilda: 12/12

Steph Segarra ‘Mathilda’

Inspired by the 1994 crime drama thriller, ‘Leon The Professional’ Puerto Rican photographer Steph Segarra set out to recreate her favorite scenes as analogue stills. If you haven’t yet seen this movie, See it!!! See trailer below. I think you will agree she did an amazing job & also found herself the perfect model in the very beautiful, Cenit Nadir. Absolutely love this.



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