Kimber Beck

‘Me by me (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Kimber Beck / Model: Kimber Beck
Me by me (NSFW): 1/16
Me by me (NSFW): 2/16
Me by me (NSFW): 3/16
Me by me (NSFW): 4/16
Me by me (NSFW): 5/16
Me by me (NSFW): 6/16
Me by me (NSFW): 7/16
Me by me (NSFW): 8/16
Me by me (NSFW): 9/16
Me by me (NSFW): 10/16
Me by me (NSFW): 11/16
Me by me (NSFW): 12/16
Me by me (NSFW): 13/16
Me by me (NSFW): 14/16
Me by me (NSFW): 15/16
Me by me (NSFW): 16/16

Kimber Beck ‘Me by me (NSFW)’

For us an awesome idea trumps technical perfection when it comes to photos & here is a perfect example.

We first discovered Kimber Beck’s incredible i-phone bath tub self portraits via our hashtag PostMyPicSticks & have been addicted ever since, especially since every time I post one on our insta account it gets record amount of likes. I asked Kimber to provide us with more so we could put a full feature together & this is what she gave us.

Then I asked Kimber to tell us a little more about herself & this is what she said…

“I’m 24 & I live in Pholadelphia. I’ve been taking photos for about 2 years now & it all started out with self portraits on my iPhone. Since then, I’ve upgraded to a Nikon d7000 and take pictures of lots of pretty girls. But self portraits remain my favorite. There’s something about being the photographer & model that works out really well for me. I’m able to capture the exact emotion that I want without having to translate it into words to tell a model. All the poses come naturally, I feel them. It’s pretty awesome! Other than that I have two pitbulls who rule my world, I love green tea frapps & Starbucks”.




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Comment by @Bimberkeck

Please be aware that this as an openly alt right artist and should not be given a platform.

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