Kamilla Musland


by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Kamilla Musland / Model: Megan Li / Stylist: Terri Dawn Smith / HMUA: Laura Baldwin / Location: Daylight Studios
Megan: 1/6
Megan: 2/6
Megan: 3/6
Megan: 4/6
Megan: 5/6
Megan: 6/6

Kamilla Musland ‘Megan’

Kamilla Musland & stylist Terri Dawn Smith brings us a new collaboration. Here is what Terri told us about their day with muse Megan Li.

“Megan is new to the fashion industry & we really wanted to support her journey. I really appreciate Megan’s art practice so when I realized that we could collaborate I jumped on it. This is the result of that collaboration.”



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