William Garrett & Anat Dychtwald

‘Mellow yellow’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Production: William Garrett & Anat Dychtwald / Photographer: William Garrett / Stylist: Anat Dychtwald / Model: Kat Poly / Make-up Artist: Gigi Hammond / Hair: Shukeel
Mellow yellow: 1/6
Mellow yellow: 2/6
Mellow yellow: 3/6
Mellow yellow: 4/6
Mellow yellow: 5/6
Mellow yellow: 6/6

William Garrett & Anat Dychtwald ‘Mellow yellow’

Shot in the yellow Rapeseed fields of Salt Dean, England, this is ‘Mellow Yellow’, a beautiful collaboration between Anat Dychtwald & William Garrett.



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