Erika Astrid


by: Ainsley Hutchence

18 photographs.
Photographer: Erika Astrid / Model: Rhiannon McConnel / Accessories: Elayna Bachman
Melt: 1/18
Melt: 2/18
Melt: 3/18
Melt: 4/18
Melt: 5/18
Melt: 6/18
Melt: 7/18
Melt: 8/18
Melt: 9/18
Melt: 10/18
Melt: 11/18
Melt: 12/18
Melt: 13/18
Melt: 14/18
Melt: 15/18
Melt: 16/18
Melt: 17/18
Melt: 18/18

Erika Astrid ‘Melt’

EERRRRRRR MAAAAAAAA GAAAAAAAAAAAD! How does anyone get this adorable? I am pretty sure this girl has never heard the word ‘no’ in her life. How could you ever turn down that face? I tried to narrow down this set more but those eyes & dem lips just kept melting my heart & I couldn’t bring myself to delete. So here are loads of incredible analogue photos by Erika Astrid starring the unbelievable Rhiannon. I’m sure you don’t mind. More coming very soon from this team made in heaven.




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