Shoot studio

‘Memento mori’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Production: Shoot studio / Director: Jean-François Gratton / Creative director: Beau / Creative director: Nikolaos Lerakis / Art director: Nikolaos Lerakis / Art director: Beau
Memento mori: 1/6
Memento mori: 2/6
Memento mori: 3/6
Memento mori: 4/6
Memento mori: 5/6
Memento mori: 6/6

Memento Mori from Shoot Studio on Vimeo.

Shoot studio ‘Memento mori’

‘Memento Mori’ is the most recent short film creation from Montreal’s photo/video collective, SHOOT STUDIO. The short is a mysterious contemplation of the ambiguity of beginnings & ends & the subtleties of defining turning points. Love & ferocity, desire & repulsion, need & egocentricity all have their moment of complexity & denouement in front of the lens. Both the brutality & musicality of the heart are rendered in images of striking beauty to create a powerfully touching view of les relations humaines @ 2016.



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