Sander Dekker

‘Men are strange…’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Sander Dekker / Model: Daria
Men are strange…: 1/10
Men are strange…: 2/10
Men are strange…: 3/10
Men are strange…: 4/10
Men are strange…: 5/10
Men are strange…: 6/10
Men are strange…: 7/10
Men are strange…: 8/10
Men are strange…: 9/10
Men are strange…: 10/10

Sander Dekker ‘Men are strange…’

Sander Dekker brings us new awesome work made in Moscow, Russia.

Dasha: When u go to Moscow text me, if u don’t change your mind.
Sander: Why would I change my mind?
Dasha: Men are strange…

“I planned a shoot with Dasha on Monday, which changed to Sunday, after which I didn’t hear from her anymore. It turned out that her car had broken down in the middle of the woods, with no cellphone reception. To top it all off, she got stung by a mosquito, which made her knee swell up to the size of a tennis ball. I soon learned these type of things happen to Dasha regularly. We rescheduled back to Monday, & she texted me the address. This time, I waited an hour in front of the building before a guy came walking up to me. ‘Hello, I’m Sasha, you’re here for Dasha?’ He told me Dasha was running late because she got kicked out of her Uber, & let me into his apartment. Apparently, Sasha was just some random guy Dasha had found online, & she had arranged to use his place the day before. When I finally met Dasha, she was indeed as awkward as her IG-nickname suggested, but I absolutely adored it. We’d run through the house & used all the props we could find, while Sasha was enjoying the sight of it.”



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