Ludmila Szulinska


by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Ludmila Szulinska / Stylist: Weronika Wood / Model: Zosia Kozłowska / Make-up Artist: Nasty / Hair: Alina Tkachenko / Wardrobe: Ula Zelaznowska
Mesmerism: 1/11
Mesmerism: 2/11
Mesmerism: 3/11
Mesmerism: 4/11
Mesmerism: 5/11
Mesmerism: 6/11
Mesmerism: 7/11
Mesmerism: 8/11
Mesmerism: 9/11
Mesmerism: 10/11
Mesmerism: 11/11

Ludmila Szulinska ‘Mesmerism’

Berlin-based photographer Ludmila Szulinska brings us a stunning debut series entitled ‘Mesmerism’ & starring Zosia Kozłowska.

“How does the colour feel? Can our senses exceed their purpose? Touch can change the structure of our reality, so what the world looks like at the moment of blindness? Through the multitude of colours & textures, we have given our own ideas & our vision of this world.

This editorial was based on projects by Ula Żelaznowska (a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw) – inspired by blind people & with vision impairments. Clothes can be worn in any way you like, they have no gender-specific or specific purpose or use. You are free to choose.”



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