Robin Jeant

‘Messy dinner’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Robin Jeant / Model: Elie Tshikunga / Model: Kilian Labat / Make-up Artist: Melissa Denis-Collin / Model Management: Cramba Mambo & Boyz
Messy dinner: 1/10
Messy dinner: 2/10
Messy dinner: 3/10
Messy dinner: 4/10
Messy dinner: 5/10
Messy dinner: 6/10
Messy dinner: 7/10
Messy dinner: 8/10
Messy dinner: 9/10
Messy dinner: 10/10

Robin Jeant ‘Messy dinner’

‘Messy Dinner’ is the latest feature from French native, Robin Jeant. This series depicts all of those family dinners that start out civil but seem to get messier & messier as topics like, family issues, aesthetics, career choices & sexuality enter the conversations. Relatable!



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