Metamorphosis: 1/10 Metamorphosis: 1/10
Metamorphosis: 2/10 Metamorphosis: 2/10
Metamorphosis: 3/10 Metamorphosis: 3/10
Metamorphosis: 4/10 Metamorphosis: 4/10
Metamorphosis: 5/10 Metamorphosis: 5/10
Metamorphosis: 6/10 Metamorphosis: 6/10
Metamorphosis: 7/10 Metamorphosis: 7/10
Metamorphosis: 8/10 Metamorphosis: 8/10
Metamorphosis: 9/10 Metamorphosis: 9/10
Metamorphosis: 10/10 Metamorphosis: 10/10

Steph Segarra ‘Metamorphosis’

‘Metamorphosis’ is our third stunning feature by Puerto Rico photographer, Steph Segarra.

“I went location scouting during the morning around some industrial areas & near the ports in Cataño. I loved the bleak colours & how everything looked so man made.

When we got to the location Yulie started dancing & doing some very body conscious poses. We started vibing with an idea of machine versus life & that this organic being contrasted the mute & lifeless scenery. Since we shot on a Sunday afternoon the area was deserted & it felt very post-apocalyptic in many ways.

I let Yulie manifest herself & do whatever came to her mind. She’s been taking some pole & burlesque dancing classes & it reflected in the poses she made. It was a cloudy day that seemed like the end of the world & Yulie was it’s heroine.”



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