Metanoia: 1/7 Metanoia: 1/7
Metanoia: 2/7 Metanoia: 2/7
Metanoia: 3/7 Metanoia: 3/7
Metanoia: 4/7 Metanoia: 4/7
Metanoia: 5/7 Metanoia: 5/7
Metanoia: 6/7 Metanoia: 6/7
Metanoia: 7/7 Metanoia: 7/7

Tiffany Williams ‘Metanoia’

Sydney based emerging photographer, Tiffany Williams & her muse, Ellie Giddings bring us a fun new spontaneous series.

“Ellie & I are both spontaneous creatives. We decided on a few locations in Sydenham & as soon as we got to them the shots came easy. We climbed over very poorly put up “no entry” tape to get onto a lawn bowls field, we waited for a few planes to fly past & we threw denim jackets at the camera.”



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