Justin Toledo

‘En mass’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

21 photographs.
Photographer: Justin Toledo / Creative director: Kathleen Quinn / Art director: Nathalie Cortes / Production: Kathleen Quinn / Editor: James Heaslip / Assistant: Nathalie Cortes
En mass: 1/21
En mass: 2/21
En mass: 3/21
En mass: 4/21
En mass: 5/21
En mass: 6/21
En mass: 7/21
En mass: 8/21
En mass: 9/21
En mass: 10/21
En mass: 11/21
En mass: 12/21
En mass: 13/21
En mass: 14/21
En mass: 15/21
En mass: 16/21
En mass: 17/21
En mass: 18/21
En mass: 19/21
En mass: 20/21
En mass: 21/21

Justin Toledo ‘En mass’

Toronto artists team up to bring us a stunning digital & analogue series for Halloween. This is ‘Midnight en mass’.

“In the heart of bong mansion the mother demon, mother suspirium, uses her charms to seduce, convert and recruit innocent young dancers. they dance under the blood red moon to worship all things dark and sinister, becoming possessed by evil. based off of the original and remake of dario argento’s suspiria, this piece explores demonic possession of the divine feminine while paying homage to the iconic cult classic. look if you dare.”

Wardrobe; With love lingerie, Anonimo, Kathleen Quinn, Saint Laurent, Danier leather, Bettie Fatal, custom design by Defective Collective, Vintage, Nevada rose, Biko, Artizia, Nuvula, Bcbg, Jenny Bird, Kathleen Osland, Asos, Dries Van Noten, Zara, Avery Barsony, Ashley Bullock, Carrie With Love, Nevada Rose.

Location: Bong Mansion



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