Ashton Morgan

‘Midnight siren’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Ashton Morgan / Model: Mia Friesen
Midnight siren: 1/11
Midnight siren: 2/11
Midnight siren: 3/11
Midnight siren: 4/11
Midnight siren: 5/11
Midnight siren: 6/11
Midnight siren: 7/11
Midnight siren: 8/11
Midnight siren: 9/11
Midnight siren: 10/11
Midnight siren: 11/11

Ashton Morgan ‘Midnight siren’

‘Midnight siren’ by Palm Springs photographer, Ashton Morgan tells the story of a sweet moment of angst, reflection, desire & danger. A silent, romantic love, shared by a girl, her cigarette & her Volvo.

“Mia was a muse of mine, even before we met in person. This shoot was extremely spontaneous. When came the midnight hour, I drove 45 minutes north, eager & excited because we couldn’t wait any longer to shoot. On a foggy, cold night in Washington, we absorbed the silence around us & created our first work together. We wanted to create a cinematic love story between a lonely girl & her cigarette in the dead of night.



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