Briony Douglas

‘Miller time’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Briony Douglas / Model: Kate Walmsley
Miller time: 1/8
Miller time: 2/8
Miller time: 3/8
Miller time: 4/8
Miller time: 5/8
Miller time: 6/8
Miller time: 7/8
Miller time: 8/8

Briony Douglas ‘Miller time’

A few months ago Briony Douglas decided to seriously pursue her love for photography & launched  @dontfeedtheunicorn. Needless to say she fucking loves it. Her latest shoot took place on Toronto island with a very happy, free spirited, Kate Walmsley. Kate was right at home on the beach & the shoot was very relaxed which definitely translates through their gorgeous pics. After the shoot they spent the rest of the day there together surfing & lunging around. Sounds like the perfect shoot to me.



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