Nalin satearrujikanon

‘Mini city flux’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Nalin satearrujikanon / Assistant photographer: Spencer salmon / Model: Alexandra Morozova / Model: Vytuatas pakarklis / Words: Spencer salmon
Mini city flux: 1/11
Mini city flux: 2/11
Mini city flux: 3/11
Mini city flux: 4/11
Mini city flux: 5/11
Mini city flux: 6/11
Mini city flux: 7/11
Mini city flux: 8/11
Mini city flux: 9/11
Mini city flux: 10/11
Mini city flux: 11/11

Nalin satearrujikanon ‘Mini city flux’

Being conscious of your turf is what defines a photographer’s identity. Bangkok native and photographer/model Nalin Satearrujikanon knows just how to juxtapose the hectic background hustle of her city against the glow of her models’ poses in this downtown shoot.

“I’ve been working with these Russian cuties for a while now, Sasha & Vytuatas. Every shoot we’ve done, my finger just spontaneously triggers the shutter & splashes the flash at will. The way they lean over with those sly smiles, gentle yet sensuous, made me fall in love all over again each time.

We wanted to meet up for one last shoot in Bangkok before the couple headed off to China to continue their illustrious modelling pursuits. So down a few alleys & around the skatepark we went, snapping a few keepsakes for the sake of good times. I decided to go solo on designing this shoot, from attire to location to poses to…well, everything. I guess I opted to do this because of the struggle of explaining to others what’s thematically going on in my head. But turns out I was fortunate enough to have new friend from California turn up to make things go smoother. So sometimes what we say goodbye to or feel like we’re lacking gets made up for by other means. Always better than nothing.”



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