Sergio Del Amo

‘Minus orange’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Sergio Del Amo / Model: Tanja Widing / Photographer assistant: Max Reichel
Minus orange: 1/13
Minus orange: 2/13
Minus orange: 3/13
Minus orange: 4/13
Minus orange: 5/13
Minus orange: 6/13
Minus orange: 7/13
Minus orange: 8/13
Minus orange: 9/13
Minus orange: 10/13
Minus orange: 11/13
Minus orange: 12/13
Minus orange: 13/13

Sergio Del Amo ‘Minus orange’

After meeting 8 years ago, Sergio del Amo finally had the opportunity to shoot with globe trotter, Tanja Widing in & around his Bangkok studio for his gorgeous new film series entitled ‘Minus orange’.

“I met Tanja in Bangkok 8 years ago when she was just a teenager. Her looks were as astonishing back then. I will always remember her almost stealing my girlfriend from the back of my motorbike… Long time has gone since then & we’ve always remained friends, always tried to arrange a shoot but it never happened till last month.

Nowadays Tanja travels the world from festival to festival & it’s hard to catch her at the same place for more than 10 days straight. She is the definition of a global traveler, a wanderer & soul searcher. Always hungry to discover & expand her horizons.”



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