Sophia Sinclair

‘Mirror, mirror’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Sophia Sinclair / Model: Erin Marquez / Wardrobe: Hot As Hell
Mirror, mirror: 1/8
Mirror, mirror: 2/8
Mirror, mirror: 3/8
Mirror, mirror: 4/8
Mirror, mirror: 5/8
Mirror, mirror: 6/8
Mirror, mirror: 7/8
Mirror, mirror: 8/8

Sophia Sinclair ‘Mirror, mirror’

‘Mirror, mirror’ Is our very first feature from 24-year-old California based photographer, Sophia Sinclair. Where have you been? WOW!!! Here is what she told us about her day with Erin Marquez…

“I picked Erin up in San Francisco & we waited in 45 minutes of traffic as we watched tourists take selfies on the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco in December does not have ideal swimsuit weather but Erin was a trooper & rolled with it anyways. By the time we started shooting in the bathroom of my childhood home in Marin, freezing Erin was absolutely ecstatic. I have never seen someone so happy to hop into a hot bath/shower, her eyes literally lit up. Starting the day as complete strangers, I’m stoked Erin was trusting enough to hop in my car because she is THE SHIT & I cannot wait to collaborate with her again.”



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