Lloyd Nwagboso


by: Ainsley Hutchence

18 photographs.
Creative director: Lloyd Nwagboso / Photographer: Sam Pyatt / Model: Terri Lee Blake / Model: Marina Ontanya / HMUA: Abbie Beautement / Wardrobe: WE KOKO
Misfits: 1/18
Misfits: 2/18
Misfits: 3/18
Misfits: 4/18
Misfits: 5/18
Misfits: 6/18
Misfits: 7/18
Misfits: 8/18
Misfits: 9/18
Misfits: 10/18
Misfits: 11/18
Misfits: 12/18
Misfits: 13/18
Misfits: 14/18
Misfits: 15/18
Misfits: 16/18
Misfits: 17/18
Misfits: 18/18

Lloyd Nwagboso ‘Misfits’

Founded by models Lloyd Nwagboso & Ana Tanaka, Wekoko is an online market place for rad af independent fashion brands. For their latest shoot Wekoko teamed up with new kid on the block, photographer Sam Pyatt.

“This series pays homage to the girls who are tired of fitting into other people’s ideals of how a woman should be & behave. They are doing it their way & that’s just how it’s going to be.”



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