Naomi Christie

‘Modern arts’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Naomi Christie / Model: Hanna Beth / Model: Mod Sun / Make-up Artist: Lauren Ribera
Modern arts: 1/9
Modern arts: 2/9
Modern arts: 3/9
Modern arts: 4/9
Modern arts: 5/9
Modern arts: 6/9
Modern arts: 7/9
Modern arts: 8/9
Modern arts: 9/9

Naomi Christie ‘Modern arts’

Recently Los Angeles photographer, Naomi Christie met with creative couple, Hanna Beth & Mod Sun, & there brand new puppy to shoot this gorgeous series.

“Sonny had Cher, Lennon had Ono, Andy had Edie, & Derek has Hanna. I’m drawn to muse & maker type of romances. Something about two artistic people who build & inspire each others’ creativity, inhabiting one soul. I had shot Derek (Mod Sun) & Hanna Beth together before, filming them for one of Mod Sun’s music videos & they were such great energy to capture. I was also dying to meet their new husky puppy, Chuko, so I asked Hanna if he could join the party too. It was a casual day, nothing crazy, we just lounged around & took photos. Hanna & Derek painted & I could not stop cuddling Chuko.”



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